Happy Clients

“Terri Negron has been a boon to my web presence for over 5 years. Her knowledge, excellence in artful web production and consistent posting helped promote my book beyond my expectations. I can’t imagine working without her. Thank you Terri for your interest, diligence and thoughtful approach to my social media needs.”

Joan Jackson – Joan L Jackson

“Terri’s been the best thing that ever happened to my website! Not only does she come up with brilliant and tailor made ideas for the look of my site, but also she listens to my feedback and is more than happy to accommodate my every whim! She is easy to work with and by that I mean, she’s Speedy Gonzales and does it all with a sweet disposition. You get the feeling you’re her main focus, no matter how busy she may be! It has truly been a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone who wants creativity, at reasonable prices with a big, wonderful smile!”

Nancy Telzerow – Nancy Telzerow

“Terri Negron is a dream come true! I trust her with my life (and my passwords!) and she delivers what I need to done before I can even get the request typed out in an email. She’s the engine behind my success, and I basically don’t know where I’d be (or who I’d be) without her!”

Kelly Sullivan Walden – Fast Track Book

“I was in a pinch and needed to do an overhaul of our bands website last minute before a huge video release we were doing. Terri stepped on board and was like a hero to our mission. She worked with our time pressured schedule, staying very flexible and calm, and confidently executed everything we needed to get done before our deadline. She was great to work with, receptive, and strived to full fill each of the goals we had for our website. Very glad we were referred to her. Thanks again Terri for the huge help!”

Luc and the Lovingtons

“As a new client, we can’t tell you how impressed we are with Terri’s work and design capabilities. She’s quick, responsive, has no problems taking the time to explain any of the various disciplines involved in web design, social media, maintenance and above all, she is one of the most ethical vendors we’ve ever worked with. We cannot recommend her highly enough. And not only that, she’s very reasonably priced.”

Skip Haynes & Dana Walden – Laurel Canyon Animal Company

“Terri’s creativity is endless. This coupled with her technical and design expertise makes a winning combination for a stellar website! I LOVE MY WEBSITE!!! She is not only creative, but she turns around my requests in record time. Terri has made great suggestions to help market my products. Her positive energy is contagious and makes working with her so much fun! Thanks Terri for all you do!”

Jennifer Torquato – Jenny’s Tasty Treats

“Terri Negron was the perfect choice for my website design, for two reasons… the result was a great, professional looking website that has impressed people, and also, Terri was just so easy to work with. She is very friendly and easy-going, and did whatever I needed. It was just so easy. It is this blend of professionalism and friendliness that I think is the ideal in working with people, and the whole experience just couldn’t have been any better. Without hesitation, I highly recommend the services of Terri Negron web design. Thanks Terri.”

Michael D. Fowler – Drama Game Book

“Terri’s work on my website and biz cards was awesome. I’m thinking about starting some new businesses just so I can have her create the websites. I truly love working her. When I call her about some crazy change I want to make in my site she just says yes and before I’m off the phone it is done. Can’t go wrong with Terri!”

Dana Walden – LuvHub Productions

“Terri is the fabulous mastermind behind my website and I feel profoundly grateful to have found her!!! Go check out the evidence and witness her amazing design and thoughtful attention to details- I guarantee you have not seen anything better! Even though we live thousands of miles apart, I feel as if Terri is in the next room always willing to show up in a pinch or lead me kindly around the mysterious geek domain of possibilities. I recomend that you hire her- but not too many please—those of us who head up Terri’s fan club are completely spoiled by her unwavering support!!”

Gini Gentry –  Gini Gentry

“California Sports Car Club’s experience with Terri Negron has been a very positive and productive relationship. Terri is extremely easy to work with, as well as being very responsive. Terri is talented and skillful with strong technical strengths. Also, she has done an excellent job designing and maintaining our website and has exhibited significant initiative in making creative suggestions and changes.”

Penelope Coy – Cal Club Racing

“I have been involved with Terri on four different web sites and she has exhibited the ability to mold the results to conform to a wide variety of tastes. The goals and demands of the client are always first. Her zeal for prompt maintenance and timely information is outstanding. Try her.”

Les Phillips – Pacific F2000 Racing

“I first contacted Terri when my website was taken down by my web host due to problems with the code. Terri immediately fixed the problem and my site was back up within one hour. She then helped me re-design the site, taking my color ideas and running with it. I could not have been more pleased with the results. I recommend her services wholeheartedly”.

Renée J. Blumstein – Research for Education

“I am really happy with my new website. You have done a super job and you are fast! The logo you created is the best. I will be recommending you to all my friends!!!”

Julie Sulivan – Jewelies Jems

“Terri came highly recommended to me as someone who was quick, responsive and creative. Boy, was my referral correct! I came to her initially for a logo design, but that morphed into a web site design, graphic designs for social media, and even marketing suggestions. I have never worked with anyone as quick, cooperative and patient in my life! You cannot believe how many iterations we took her through on special projects. Her work setting up my social media graphics was phenomenal and so creative. If I ever have a question, she immediately responds. Yes, she is reasonable too, quite a package I say! I recommend her very highly for all your creative endeavors!”

Diane Estrada – Let Your Lola Out

“I can’t say enough good things about Terri. What started out as nothing more than a domain name and some ideas blossomed into a beautiful and informative website in her hands. I was working with a small budget and she showed me how I could create lots of content in a small space. She was full of very helpful and creative suggestions on style and–of equal importance to me–was fast. We went from concept to finished site in a matter of days, and most the delays were on my side, not hers. She was also totally available to answer any questions I had, which I very much appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend Terri whether you’re building a one-page site or something as complex as a full service e-commerce site.”

Debbie Spector Weisman – The Dream Coach

“I’m so grateful to Terri for her timely, professional, and knowledgeable assistance with maintenance and design on my website. Truly, I don’t know what I’d do without her. Whenever I get in a jam, she’s always there with an idea and a solution in record time. Her sweet, honest, and generous nature make her a pleasure to work with. What’s remarkable is that although we’ve never actually met in person, I consider her a valued friend!”

Syrie James, Author – Syrie James