Business Cards

Pick a card, any card. Of course, it’s your choice, it’s YOUR calling card. You want it to reflect your business, your accessibility and your personality. Terri applies her years of marketing, advertising and her art background to the creation of your perfect card. It’s not just a one and done thing, though. She offers many options from fonts to pictures to logo placement, bottom line when you hand someone your business card, she makes sure you’re proud of what you’re dealing. Side note, She doesn’t stop there, either. Brochures, posters, any business collateral you may need as companion pieces to your card, can all be designed by Terri as well. Making sure your brand is consistent is her pleasure.

Client’s Website Logos

According to Siri, a logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. According to Terri, your logo is your life. OK, I got a little dramatic there, but, it is Terri’s mantra that your logo is your brand, made visually accessible. The importance of having a logo that represents your product and essence is the gold at the end of your rainbow.

Terri will work with you to determine the image or feel that is perfect for you. You will be proud to have your logo on your website, business cards and maybe tattooed on your arm. Hey, we’ve seen stranger things.

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Client’s Flyers, Book Covers etc

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